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What do I need to do before LASIK/ LASEK;

  • Soft contact lenses need to be discontinued at least one week before surgery (likewise, one week before pre-operative measurements). Rigid gas permeable contact lenses (hard lenses) must not have been used for a minimum of 4 weeks
  • No make-up and no perfume on the day of surgery
  • Eat a light breakfast
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Take any medications as usual
  • Have an adult friend/family escort you, so they can also drive you home

    What to avoid after your surgery

  • No rubbing & no touching your eyes
  • Don't go to bed without your protective covers over your eyes
  • Avoid showering with water running to your eyes for one week. Have your hair washed with your head back, just like at the hairdresser's
  • No swimming for two weeks.
  • Then, for the rest of the month, don't get your head wet, use swimming goggles as a precaution. Swimming pools and hot tubs should be avoided entirely for the first month
  • Women should not use any eye make-up for two weeks
  • Try to abstaing from working out for a week

    What to expect the day after surgery

  • Foreign body sensation and itching
  • Watering
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Halos, glare and starburst with night vision
  • Red spots on the white part of the eye. This is not uncommon, it will absorb within a week and it is harmless
  • Fluctuating vision. When stable most of the visual effect of your procedure will be obvious within 24 hours for LASIK and within a week for LASEK

    What to do after LASIK/ LASEK

  • Please keep your appointments, they are free
  • Use your drops per schedule
  • Use sunglasses while you're out
  • Put your protecive covers on every time you go to bed (for a week)

    What kind of drops do I need after LASIK/ LASEK?

    Your eyedrops along with directions on how to use them will be given to you right after your surgery. Help from family would be appreciated with administering your drops for the first few days. Shake the bottle, with one hand pull your lower eyelid down, then use the bottle in your other hand to drop one eyedrop in that pocket between your lower eyelid and the eyeball. You should avoid aiming for the cornea. Get close to a mirror and look up while approaching the bottle to your eye. It does not matter which eyedrop goes in first, just allow at least five minutes in between your drops so as to give your first drop some time to absorb.

    Antibiotic: Exocin – 4 times/ day for a week only
    Steroid: Maxidex (or FML) – 4 times/ day for a week. Then, you can stop the steroid if LASIK was your procedure. After LASEK, you will use the steroid 4 times/day for the first 2 weeks, then 3 times/day for the next two weeks, 2 times/day for week 5&6, then 1 time/day for the last two weeks. That is, a total of 8 weeks, except that you don't need more than twice/day then once/day the second month.

    Unpreserved artificial tears. At least 4-6 times/day. Keeping your eyes moist is crucial, especially after LASIK. Do not wait until your eyes feel dry to use your tear supplements. The reason they become dry is exactly that their sensation has been impaired for several weeks, hence they don't send the signal to the lacrimal gland to produce more tears. You will need more frequent lubrication if you spend long hours in front of a computer screen, in a dry room, on a plane etc.

    If you notice any redness, soreness, a tiny white dot on the cornea, a sharp drop in vision, or for any problem, please do not hesitate to call your surgeon directly on his mobile: 694-760-3118.
    What do I need to do before my cataract surgery?

  • We don't eat anything after midnight before our morning procedure.
  • In the morning, we take all our medications with a sip of water.
  • Diabetics should only take half their morning insulin dose and skip their morning diabetic pills
  • We wear comfortable clothing.
  • No make-up is allowed on the day of surgery.
  • Family of a friend has to be available to take you home.

    What to avoid after surgery (for the first month)?

  • No eye rubbing no touching the eye
  • We don't go to bed without our protective covers over our eyes for at least the first week
  • No bending over, if you need to pick up something, bend your knees. Don't allow your head to drop below the level of your shoulders.
  • Don't lift anything heavy
  • Don't strain, for instance have a low threshold to take anti-cough medications or laxatives for constipation.
  • No showering with water coming straight on your eyes during the first week. Have your hair washed with your head back, just like you would at a hair salon.
  • No swimming for four weeks. Swimming pools and hot tubs need even more caution
  • No eye make-up for at least the first week
  • No working out for two weeksς.

    What to expect the first day after surgery?

  • Foreign body sensation & itching
  • Your eyes may be watering
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Fluctuating vision.

    What do I need to do after my cataract surgery?
  • Please keep your appointments with your surgeon
  • Keep the schedule with your eyedrops
  • Use sunglasses while out of home
  • Put your protective eye shields on every time you go to bed (at least for the first week)

    What eyedrops do I need after cataract surgery?

    Your drops will be handed to you right after your procedure. It would be great if someone could assist you with delivering your eyedrops, especially the first few days. Shake the bottle, pull your lower eyelid down and let a drop in between your eyeball and the lower eyelid. There will be two different kinds of drop, one steroid, one antibiotic. It doesn't matter which one goes in first, so long as you allow at least five minutes in between your drops.

  • Αntibiotic: Exocin – 4 times/ day for the first week only

  • Anti-inflammatory: Maxidex – 4 times/ day for the first week. Cut down to three times/day the second week, twice a day for a thrid week, once a day for three more weeks and then stop, unless instructed otherwise by your doctor.

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory: Acular – 4 times/ day for 4 weeks

    When do I see the doctor in follow-up?

    The first day, then 5-7 days after (at which time you will probably be given your new prescription for glasses), at 3-4 weeks, then again at 3 months after surgery.

    If you notice any drop in vision, redness, pain, new floaters or flashes of light, or for any problem, please do not hesitate call your surgeon directly on his mobile: 694-760-3118
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